The Lack of Safety Measures in Apartments Are Source of Danger for the Tenants


Safety measures should also be kept in mind while constructing any building like homes, offices, shopping plazas or others. They are necessary to facilitate people during the time of danger. Like an emergency exit is badly required when there is a fire in the building or during some emergency situation. Therefore, during the absence of safety measure or safety ways there is much difficulty for the people. Mostly in apartments that are built for the purpose of the rental apartment that has been much negligence in the matter of safety and security.

Very often we listen about the news when the fire burns tenants or other people or sometimes electric short-circuit burns whole of the building. These kinds of situations bring forward the matter of providing safety measures to the people, and more important is to keep them updated and aware about them. The awareness about these safety measures is also necessary so that people can use them in the time of need without any hesitation. When they do not know how to use them, lack of knowledge will waste these safety measures and the money spent to provide these things will also get wasted causing a lot of loss to the people.

Under the new rules and regulations, the tenants should be provided by the owners with all kinds of safety measure before providing the accommodation. It is necessary for the safety of their lives, wealth and the apartments too. In some countries, the apartments with poor safety measures are legally banned, and the law is strictly followed by owners. If higher authorities find any apartment lacking in safety measure, the apartment is demolished by the order of higher authorities. Therefore, people keep their apartments completely safe and fully equipped by all kinds of accessories like fire alarms, water sprinklers, fire exhausters and emergency exits. Many times we see the human negligence in terms of minor errors like the emergency exit doors might be jammed due to less usage or fire exhausters might be empty which brings a big deal of disaster for humanity that is remembered for years. Very often we find the oxygen cylinders empty because of ignorance of people even the tenants themselves do not take care of such petty issues which in turns cause hem big disasters.

In apartments, the tenants should pay a visit before paying the rent, and they should check all kinds of available accessories and safety measures that either they are working properly and are in the good position or not. If they work well they will shift in the apartment otherwise they should refuse or demand the maintenance of such things that will be helpful for them in some bad situations. When people themselves ignore such things, the owners also do not pay attention to their safety that ultimately brings regret to owners and tenants both. A tenant being the party who has to live in apartments has to pay the price for the ignorance of such issues.