RESO Innovation Winners, Top Volunteers Honored at Spring Tech Summit


The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) honored two winners of its Innovation Competition, as well as more than two dozen of its leaders and members, at its 2018 Spring Technology Summit. The Innovation Competition winners were Shawn Whitaker, of MLS Data Tools in Boise, Idaho, and Robert Humphreys, of Predicted Property in British Columbia. Whitaker and Humphreys were flown in to present their breakthrough ideas that leverage artificial intelligence and automation at the Summit, built on top of a standardized RESO dataset provided to them by the Austin Board of REALTORS®, CoreLogic and RESO. Whitaker’s MLS Data Tools developed software that solves for the tremendous amount of technical labor that is required to aggregate MLS data nationwide using automation. Its white label software and tools can significantly decrease the amount of time startups, brokers, and agents spend aggregating RESO standardized data that powers industry solutions. Humphreys’ Predicted Property collects micro…


The Teal Chair: An Idaho Student Documentary

Rotary 4-25-18 - Youth Awards -12

Boise, ID – Death is about the last thing on the mind of high school seniors. Yet a small group of Eagle High School broadcasting students has been focused on the subject for months. They produced a thirty-minute documentary based on one question. If you had a limited time to live, what would you do? Treasure Valley Hospice brought the idea to broadcasting teacher Andy Favor. The goal, to get people talking about living instead of dying. “I think people fight death so hard that they lose their vision of what’s important,” says Kim Ouwehand the Community Relations Director for Treasure Valley Hospice. She continues, “I didn’t want it to be sad. I wanted it to be fresh and new.” The seventeen and eighteen-year-old students admit they had never really understood how hospice works or talked about dying before this project. “None of us have really thought about death. Just…


Mountain Home Air Force Base proposes urban training


BOISE – F-15’s roaring over Boise, Twin Falls and seven other southern Idaho cities. It could soon be a reality if the Mountain Home Air Force Base proposal for urban training is approved. “The training we are able to accomplish stateside is extremely valuable to the aircrew,” says Major Adam Mattheis, U.S. Air Force. The proposed training is part of the “CAS Initiative,” where aircrews drill in the dynamic nature of a city versus an open desert. “Large buildings that present an urban canyon where it’s hard to locate targets within the street, surrounded by tall buildings, presents unique challenges that we need to be proficient at before we deal with it in combat,” says Mattheis. The plan entails having military personnel dressed in civilian clothing blend in with the rest of the population, all while driving plain cars and communicating with F-15’s flying between 1.5 and 2.5 miles above…

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These Seattle apartments are being built in Boise, Idaho. Here’s why


A worker in Boise puts together an apartment bound for Seattle. The apartment complex at Aurora and North 109th Street in Seattle was built on the cheap. That’s because Daniel Stoner, the developer, outsourced the building to Boise, Idaho, where labor and material costs are cheaper. “This entire building was built in Boise,” he said, gesturing to the large block building on one of Seattle’s most infamous highways. Seattle has boomed in recent years, but Aurora Avenue North has remained stagnant. That’s why city planners hope to build many new apartments buildings here. The problem: It’s expensive to build in Seattle, and developers can’t charge high rents on Aurora. So they have to find clever ways to keep their costs down. Stoner said this unorthodox method of building allowed him to lower rents by 15 to 20 percent. Some of these tiny apartments will go for $850 a month. The…

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Two stadiums jockey for construction starts near downtown Boise

hotel-43-grove-web (1)

The owners of the Boise Hawks baseball team would like to have a downtown Boise stadium ideal for soccer and baseball ready for the United Soccer League season starting in spring 2020. The open questions: Where would a downtown stadium be built and when would construction start? The only agreed-to date in play right now is October, … Complete access to news articles on is available to Idaho Business Review subscribers who are logged in. Subscribers may login at the login tab below. Others may join our audience with a subscription today. Source Article

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Boise Cascade announces purchase of Lumberman’s Wholesale Distributors


For Immediate Release: March 13, 2018 BOISE, Idaho – Boise Cascade Company (Boise Cascade) (BCC) announced an agreement to acquire Lumberman`s Wholesale Distributors, a distributor of engineered wood products, commodity lumber items, and specialty building materials in Nashville, Tennessee. “We are very pleased to welcome the Lumberman`s associates to Boise Cascade. They have been an excellent distributor for nearly 50 years,” said Nick Stokes, Executive Vice President, Boise Cascade Building Materials Division. “This location will allow us to strengthen our nationwide presence and satisfy a growing demand for our products and services in the Tennessee Valley and Central Kentucky markets.” “We are excited to join Boise Cascade,” stated Garey Keltner, President, Lumberman`s Wholesale. “We believe there is a strong cultural and strategic fit that will allow us to grow and continue to serve our customers.” The acquisition is expected to be complete in the coming weeks. Boise Cascade is one…

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Crystal Investment Property Brokers Sale of Birch Glen Lodge, Cascade, Idaho

Crystal Investment Property Brokers Sale of Birch Glen Lodge ...

Crystal Investment Property, LLC, (CIP) a member of Hotel Brokers International, announced the successful sale of the Birch Glen Lodge & Motel in Cascade, Idaho. CIP, a licensed Idaho broker, represented the Seller and Buyer in the sale. Joseph P. Kennedy, President of CIP, worked closely with the Seller and Buyer, as well as the parties’ otherprofessionals, to negotiate a mutually acceptable sale. The final sale price is confidential. As one of the largest lodging facilities open year-round, Birch Glen Lodge is the go-to place for lodging in Cascade, Idaho. Located in the picturesque mountains north of Boise, the large outdoor and indoor lodge facilities, along with 27 rooms, make Birch Glen exceptionally attractive for group events, family reunions, and receptions. It is especially renowned with the ice fishermen who flock to the area for world famous fishing in the winter. Joseph Kennedy, President of CIP said, “We enjoyed a…

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Northwest Credit Unions lead grassroots advocacy support of S. 2155 by example

Instead of Taking on Gun Control, Democrats Are Teaming With ...

NWCUA, Northwest Christian Credit Union represent movement at news conference with senate banking chair Mike Crapo Despite ongoing gridlock on numerous other issues in the beltway, S.2155, The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act passed with bipartisan support out of the Senate Banking Committee, which Sen. Crapo chairs. The commonsense bill now has 26 Senate co-sponsors—13 Democrats and 13 Republicans. “Unfortunately, community banks and credit unions across the country have long struggled to keep up with ever-increasing regulatory compliance and examiner demands coming out of Washington,” Sen. Crapo told reporters and a delegation of financial industry leaders who attended the event at the State Capitol. “In local economies, this places a strain on small businesses looking to open or grow.” “We recognize that Congress’ initial intent when they passed the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, was to place well-intended restrictions curbing the practices of Wall Street’s “bad actors” who…

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Downtown Boise parking rates rose on Feb. 1

Downtown Boise parking rates at meters and ParkBOI garages went up Feb.1. And, for the first time, drivers have to feed the meters on Saturdays, starting Feb. 3. The city of Boise, which governs parking meters, and the Capital City Development Corp., which owns the six ParkBOI garages, concurrently increased rates. The two coordinated rates to encourage … Complete access to news articles on is available to Idaho Business Review subscribers who are logged in. Subscribers may login at the login tab below. Others may join our audience with a subscription today. Source Article