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The Fowler to welcome first residents by end of February

Downtown Boise’s newest upscale rental apartments expect to open to residents at the end of February, about a year behind schedule. The Fowler apartments at Fifth and Broad streets, like some other large construction projects, was plagued by delays from the epic 2016-17 winter, said Casey Lynch, CEO of LocalConstruct, the Los Angeles-based development company that … Complete access to news articles on is available to Idaho Business Review subscribers who are logged in. Subscribers may login at the login tab below. Others may join our audience with a subscription today. Source Article

Real Estate

How to Locate Apartments in Boise ID

There are many options for living arrangements in Boise Idaho but for some people, renting an apartment is the best option to consider. It provides them with a degree of flexibility when it comes to moving from one place to another and it keeps them from having to care for many of the maintenance issues involved in their place of residence as well. If you are looking for apartments in Boise ID, there are also many things to consider. Here are a few that will help you to get the apartment that you desire. First of all, it’s always a good idea to contact a real estate agent to help you in your search for the best apartment available. Many people tend to overlook this step, thinking that they will get a better deal if they are able to find an apartment on their own. Using a real estate agent,…


How to Get Cheap Rental Apartments

The rents of apartments are being rising continuously from recent few years. This has been an issue of worry for the tenants and a worry for all those people who cannot afford to maintain an expensive accommodation. The increase in the rent has also been an issue of mutual problems between owners and tenants as owners cannot afford to give apartments on the less rent and find themselves bound to


The Effective Communication Among the Apartment Residents Is Helpful for Them

The man is a social animal therefore he is always in need of some other person to communicate, relax and refresh himself. The people living in Boise apartments have the facility of an easy and effective communication among themselves because of the closeness of houses and effective neighborhood. Communication does not mean to meet one another occasionally, but it refers to a strong relationship between two persons in which they are bound together to celebrate their happiness and sorrows equally.